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Lift & Shift – Contract Staffing Solution


A world class Indian retail outlet having PAN India Presence.


One of the most cost efficient retail outlet chains in India that provides quality products at amazingly low prices. Each store witnesses upwards of 5000 daily footfalls.

The client had an inhouse HR department and many contract staffing agencies working for them when they approached us. The primary challenge here was the wide geographic spread of the retail operations and total absence of logical staff control. Multiple locations for them meant hiring multiple contract staffing agencies at varied rates. This created sheer chaos as the training of the manpower was complete and satisfactory but the reporting mechanism and the cost implications coming from the staffing agencies was becoming an area of financial and operational concern.


6000+ stores located at almost every major city and town in India. The client already has close to 400 localized contract staffing agencies working for them. However none of them had any tech driven, centralized reporting mechanism. The cost of engagement was also different, hence a positive RoI was nowhere in the picture. The staff on their rolls were well trained, but they were also unhappy with the way HR and compliance duty was managed. This mismanagement was burning a hole in clients pockets and was making them less efficient by the hour.


Since the manpower was already well trained and mismanaged, this gave us a clear idea that the problem is not with the staff but the way they are managed. For this we secured a lift and shift contract with the client. This contract gave us all the operational control while the manpower remained the same.

Full Control & Compliance
Productivity Increase


The client has full situational awareness of everything related to their contract staff across India that too in real time. They have saved almost 50% in terms of cost value and have boosted the organizational productivity by 80%.
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