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An Indian company manufacturing mobile phones for a prominent foreign brand.


The client portrayed here is a mobile phone manufacturer based out of India and has a long term manufacturing and logistics contracts with one of the international premium mobile handsets brand.

This client had a very pressing HR issue. They needed quality and trained manpower for their manufacturing process as well as exceptional quality of manpower that could cater their logistical duties. Since they were manufacturing handsets of a global brand hence operational standards were also global. To meet all the operational standards was becoming very difficult for the client as lack of trained manpower was overwhelming and it was negatively impacting their growth prospects. The challenges were actually deeper and more serious than they appeared.


The client had two large scale production units situated at different SEZ of the country. This was a tactical move to save on taxes and enhance their profits. However, trained manpower was a very big challenge as the client realized the same within two financial years of operations. They approached us and it took us almost a week of keen study to understand the problem areas and how to mitigate them.

A point to be noted here is that the client was already paying premium level salaries that were unmatched in the industry, still they faced the issue.


Since the manpower was already well paid, we had to dig deeper on the problem and find out the pain point. Our observation led us to the conclusion that salary or the work environment was just not the issue. There was no attrition also as the existing workforce was very motivated and well paid. The problem was there were just not enough people to fill in the demand. As a remedy we proposed hiring and deploying solutions for both the manufacturing and logistics department of the company.
Hire and Deploy:
Holistic Benefits:


Client has earned in millions when we consider the lost opportunities that were not previously encashed due to lack of manpower. The entire organization is way more confident now and conducts their business with pride. Here are some of the benefits that the client reaped by using our services.
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